The Gods were on my side...

by Sara Farneti July 26, 2016

First and foremost, thank you to all my family and friends for supporting my company during it's infancy!  Melonade is a work in progress, but I am so appreciative for all the encouragement and feedback I have received from my first batch of customers!  

After the launch, I was most nervous about how to navigate the backend of shopify (the e-commerce hosting site).  Those who know me well understand my aversion towards technology.  Maybe it's not so much an aversion, but rather a lack of cooperation (but it's not my fault, I try to be friends with it).  Every computer I touch breaks, my DVR refuses to record even though I push the little red button, and my microwave clock is still one hour behind.  Despite my fears/inabilities, the Gods were on my side, and I was able to process orders (aka print shipping labels) with ease!  I know this is a small hurdle in the grand scheme of things, but it alleviated a lot of stress for me :)  

So what's going on this week with Melonade? I'm hoping just to field in more orders, finalize some marketing materials for the City Challenge Race and Peloton class and to burn off the 5lbs I gained in Italy!  On the docket for workouts this week (past and future): 

  • Monday - athletic conditioning at Equinox
  • Tuesday - morning cardio workout at Equinox (wanted to take a spin class, but the AC was broken)
  • Wednesday - Box and Strength class at BFX Chelsea
  • Thursday - 30/60/90 at Equinox
  • Friday - Enjoying a glass of wine! 
  • Saturday - Ropes and Rowers at Equinox
  • Sunday - maybe a quick lift, but might take the day off 

Don't worry, I'll be posting annoyingly on my Instagram account.   

Jump BIG, bounce small. 





Sara Farneti
Sara Farneti


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