About Us

Our Story:  The seed for Melonade Athletics was planted back in 2014 when our founder, Sara, forgot to pack a sports bra in her gym bag for her evening workout.  Sara had planned on taking a high intensity interval training class after work, but unfortunately, the tank top she threw in her bag that morning would not provide enough support for jump squats, high knees, and burpees.  To avoid the discomfort of jumping without sufficient support, Sara accepted her failure that evening and opted for a less intense workout.  During this pivotal hour she continually thought to herself, “Why has no one created a tank top that provides enough support for high impact workouts?!?!”.  On her commute to work the next morning, Sara concluded that there must be thousands of women who experience this exact same problem and took it upon herself to find a solution.  Melonade Athletics was born.

Our Product:  No sports bra required!  Our tops have adjustable straps that provide proper support, customizable back closure for a secure fit, and breathable moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool.  Made in New York City, baby!

Our Mission:  To provide a single solution for all the support you need during those intense workouts.

About Sara:  Sara grew up in a quiet upstate New York town, but was in search of big city living after college.  In 2004, she put her undergrad business degree to work and accepted a job at an investment bank in New York City.  Growing up, Sara was constantly involved in sports and the importance of being active was engrained at an early age.  Although she currently spends 10 hours a day sitting on a trading desk, Sara makes exercise a priority and a staple in her life. If Sara is not at the office or checking out the newest boutique fitness class, you can likely find her roaming the streets of the West Village with her handsome bulldog, Rocco, or (let’s be honest) with a glass of wine at one of her favorite local establishments.  Sara strongly believes that balance is the key to a happy life and to a successful workout - JUMP BIG, bounce small.