Melonade Athletics was featured on the #WhatsTrending segment of NBC's King 5 network in Washington state!  Click here  to view the clip!  

"For those of us that need a little more support int he chest area, Melonade Athletics created the perfect solution for workouts: tops with built in support.  And we're not talking like those camisoles with another layer of fabric we used to wear when we were tweens.  Never worry about forgetting your sports bra again, with these tops you can jump big, bounce small. "

Melonade Athletics was featured on the beauty/apparel page of the Winter 2016 issue of Train For Her magazine as a must have product for slimming down and shaping up! 

"High on any gym goers incentive list is slimming down.  On top of that, another must is the support needed to stay comfy during activity.  In other words, you need a way to tame the girls and unleash the best!  That's where Melonade Athletics come in."